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While we were sleeping: God’s gift to man

A morning surprise

As I emerged from a bedroom for breakfast, news filled the kitchen of a new life that was born in the early hours of the morning at home in the bedroom right beside me. The bride’s sister had given birth to a healthy baby girl in the house last night while the whole family slept, with exception of her husband.

You’d think you’d wake up if a baby was being born right beside you in the early hours of the morning, right?

Having made our way back home from the previous evening’s wedding festivities, I crashed for the night at the home of the bride’s parents. With the bride now spending her first night with her husband, I was able to stay in her former bedroom.

I slept beside the bedroom of her very pregnant sister and her husband. Unfortunately, due to the couple glasses of wine I consumed in the celebrations, I did not have a restful sleep. Two to four glasses of wine are enough to make me merry, but not enough for a nightcap. I must have tossed and turned for most of the night and probably only settled down in the early hours of the morning. I’m still flabberghasted that I managed to be oblivious to the whole drama. Funnily, unbeknownst to me in by terrible slumber, her husband burst into my room while looking for a place for his wife to give birth; even the family couch was occupied by a sleeping brother-in-law.

New birth| lorraineyeung

No room at the Inn

As I look back at the events that occurred in the early hours of the morning, I am ever so slightly in wonder over how our Lord entered the world.

The world was not prepared and barely in anticipation to receive the gift of Christ when He came into the world. God’s people were looking out for a political king to bring them to freedom, and not a Saviour who would free them from their sins. The world was sleeping, unaware of the miracle and gift that God was about to give. The world had no room for the Mary to bring forth the gift that God had for us, not a single inn had room to take her in; there was no room for Jesus to enter our world. Worse still, there was little room in our hearts for Jesus when He came into our world.

God gave us His Son as the most precious gift to mankind in a time where God’s people were not receptive or perceptive of the Salvation that was coming to them. God’s people had their own expectations, ideals and vision of what kind of Messiah God was going to send, and either in their doubt or false expectation, failed to prepare for the coming of their Salvation, King and Messiah.

Yet God gives us good gifts when we’re not ready to receive; He is a missionary God who goes into hostile environments where He knows people will reject Him. God gives us good gifts when we’re expecting something else.

God does not wait for you to have room in your heart to come in.

God gives us good gifts when we’re not ready to receive. God gives us good gifts when we’re expecting something else. God gives us good gifts when we’re hostile towards Him; He does not wait for us to have room in our hearts for Him in order to do or give us something good. Our God is a God who gives us good gifts that we might receive; He does not wait until that indefinite day that we reach a certain bar or standard to give us something good. God provides us with good things when we are at our worse. He gives us good gifts while we sleep. God is the initiator.

Our God is a God of grace. Our God is the embodiment of the Gospel. Our God gives us good things that we’re not always ready for that His gifts in love might soften our hearts and stir our affections for Him, that we might respond


By God’s grace, little Maci did not enter this world with the same hostility that Jesus faced. She was much more welcome. Above Maci is taking her first bath in the kitchen sink. I’ll leave you with a couple more shots of her first 12 hours of life outside the womb.

New birth| lorraineyeung-3

Maci 2

New birth| lorraineyeung-2

Maci 3

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  • Oh my gosh! That’s amazing!

    • I know right! Was pretty cool seeing everybody’s reactions when they woke up :)

  • Oh my goodness! What a gift! One minute is the hope of expectation and the next the fullness of that hope is manifested. How many times was the Messiah prophesied? How much did they long for Him to come until that star shone in the sky. What I’d like to know is how did she do it without pain medicine?! lol

    • Was a really cool reminder.
      And I guess now we’re in that time where we’re waiting for our Messiah to come back…. But this time I guess that day will come like a thief in the night! :)

      The birth was totally crazy cool. No one in the house woke up, and I didn’t hear a thing even though she was giving birth in the room next door to me. I think it was a 2 hour labor and no pain meds. So crazy! :)

  • What a gift!!! This baby is so precious!!!

  • wow!!! how neat!!! :) what a precious baby!

  • Heather Faria

    What an awesome story Lorraine! I really love how you pointed out that God gives us gifts even when we are not deserving! I think our human natures always try to make us believe that we need to get “right” with God before he blesses us but that totally takes away from the concept of grace! It’s undeserved love!

    • Hey there lady!
      Thanks for stopping by! Yes when I come to think of it, it’s amazing how many gospel illustrations are woven in to the bible. So great to see God give us gifts time and time again when we’re not good enough, not ready or totally not seeking Him.
      Thank you so much sweet lady for such thoughtful comments! :)

  • Jordyn Brazil

    Dang, this was so well written. I especially loved this, “Yet God gives us good gifts when we’re not ready to receive, He is a missionary God who goes in to hostile environments where He knows people will reject Him. God gives us good gifts when we’re expecting something else.”

  • What what an incredible birth story. I love “God does not wait for you to have room in your heart to come in.” Such truth!

    • Thanks Madison, loving how God reveals truth to us in the most incredible ways :)

  • Beautiful post, and such a beautiful little girl! Thank you for the wonderful reminder of God’s awesome, and of my need for him. It’s true that sometimes it seems like God pushes his way in, but I am so so solo thankful that he does. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks Megan! God is definitely one who intervenes. He’s also a gentleman, and intervenes in ways that can be so incredibly humble :)
      Thanks of visiting. Hope to “see” you around :)

  • Laura M George

    What an amazing story. It also reminds me how much God can work in us as we sleep and rest. Thank you. Laura (jack of all trades) xx

  • Beautiful post — It is so amazing to remember the miracles that happen all around us — profound parallel with Jesus’ life! Thank you for sharing – gorgeous pictures!

    • Thanks so much Andrea, and yes, it is super cool when the Spirit allows us to see His work and those miracles we could easily miss. Praying that I wouldn’t be so distracted with busyness and silly things and miss seeing what He does in the everyday… :)