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    London on Foot

    London on Foot: Day 2

    Day 2 on this trip I walked from Green Park to the church Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB). It was only earlier in the year that I was able to meet some of the folks from HTB who were filming up in Squamish for the new Alpha series. You’ll see me and a couple of my friends on the Holy Spirit weekend in a cabin with Gemma if you get a chance to watch it. Continue reading…

    London on Foot

    I used to travel the whole of London purely via the Tube, but on this visit I decided to explore London on foot. To my surprise, things are not as far from each other as I thought it to be. Gaining as much as 15-20km a day, you get a true sense for the hustle and bustle, as well as a on-the-ground look at the details of its architecture, details and history. Continue reading…

    Book Review: ‘Women of the Word’ by Jen Wilkin

    From new believers to seasoned Christians, I have found this book to be a profitable read for all women in the faith, no matter where you are in your journey and relationship with God.

    Anchoring your approach to the Word in understanding

    There is no doubt that there are quite a few books in Christian bookstores that aim to equip you how to read and study the bible, but fewer that I have come across as well accessible as ‘Women of the Word’ which explains why as well as Jen Wilkin. Having breezed through this book I feel assured more than ever as to why and how I should approach scripture, as well as understanding why and how some methods are actually counterproductive and dangerous.

    Throughout her book, Wilkin provides biblically sound reasoning to the weight and importance of knowing the word well and has offered me some incredible and God centred truths and tools to enrich a lifetime’s study in knowing God.  Having read this book, it’s helped me discern ways in which we approach scripture that barely touches the surface of who God is or, worse still, offers us a shallow and false idea that the Bible is a mere roadmap or user manual for our life, of which I have been guilty of. I am thankfully reminded through “Women of the Word” that the Word is God’s story and primarily a book about Him, and I am invited to examine, study and fall in love with the person and work of Jesus throughout the whole of Scripture all over again. Continue reading…

    Postcards from Seattle | This Pilgrim's Progress-2

    Is it Wrong to Fear Rejection?

    I fear rejection

    Out of all the fears or anxieties I have, they all stand as creeping things in the foreboding yet tolerated shadow of my fear of being rejected. This fear is not just fear for being rejected, but encompasses the many concerns that stem out of it; the fear of being abandoned, forgotten, orphaned, unloved, alienated, disregarded, pushed aside, left alone.

    However, my resolve to approach this fear is not founded out of my own desire; it is a challenge that has been raised by my mentor and has met itself against my hardness to heart, an unwilling submission and distrust with spiritual authority and feelings of despair. Continue reading…