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How to Build a School in Four Days [Photojournal]

Building schools have been one of the most successful ways in breaking the cycle of poverty in the San Quintin Valley. This short-term missions project operates within a long-term missions project that works with the local community and government which in a previous post I explained how much Mission San Quintin changed my view on short-term missions. Despite having my camera stolen at the beginning of the trip, I was able to document the school build in Mexico on my iPhone.

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How San Quintin changed my view on Short-Term Missions

I, as I am sure you also, have heard many controversial issues and complications that arise from poorly executed and formed philanthropic or short-term missions programs. Because of this, I had grown very sceptical of organisations that offered organised short-term missions trips and considered them to be more detrimental to communities in the long-run than making any difference. Although this may still be the case for the pockets of highly publicised missions trips that primarily offer handouts at best, my mind was changed as I had the privilege of hearing and joining a very distinct missional movement of God in the San Quintin Valley in Mexico.

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