Everyday Moments: January 2014

In the midst of busyness and distractions, holding a camera and venturing out into the world seems to help breath life back into me in way where I feel like I get a chance to rest from doing and enjoy what God has done - what He created. Here I get to try and capture these everyday moments, a fraction of time to help remember the beauty you can find in the everyday. The theology of beauty is pretty incredible. We serve a God who is so beautiful that if we were able to see Him, we would gaze upon days, weeks, months and years in the wonder of His beauty and majesty. The beauty that we get to see in the every day are reminders that we serve the Creator who makes beautiful things, and who is inherently beautiful beyond compare.

Everyday January

Talitha the Office Dog This Pilgrim's Progress | Lorraine Yeung

Working in an office with no windows can be hard. In the winter you drive to work on the crack of dawn, spend 8 hours inside, and drive home in the dark and sometimes most treacherous winter conditions. I am blessed that I get to bring my canine companion with me. She likes to eat snotty tissues and Kleenexes from the bins, but she forces me to get out of the office for her washroom break and catch a sprinkle of vitamin D.

Talitha on a Frosty Trail | Squamish | This Pilgrim's Progress | Lorraine Yeung

On hikes, she can seem fierce, but I think she'll be an absolute chicken if she saw me being mauled by a cougar.

Poop Alley in Squamish | This Pilgrim's Progress | Lorraine Yeung

Squamish is a temperate rainforest, with heaps of biking, ATV, and dirt bike trails. This one here is called Poop Alley.

This Pilgrim's Progress | Lorraine Yeung-4

When you hike up Poop Alley, you'll find yourself in a Birch tree hallway, and where the fallen birch branches lie and freeze, the water softly explodes our of the wood forming these icy cotton-like feathers on all the fallen branches.

Gracie | This Pilgrim's Progress | Lorraine Yeung

Here's Gracie. She's a crazy kind of dog, she totally carried this log all the way on a 30-45 min ascent up a mountain, until she dropped it down a cliff on the descent.

Shaky shake shake | This Pilgrim's Progress | Lorraine Yeung

And she likes to roll in mud puddles.

This Pilgrim's Progress | Lorraine Yeung-7

This is where Gracie dropped her log... and incidentally, this is where I freaked out as both her and Talitha (my pup) were dancing with death trying to retrieve this log by a 50ft drop. (That might be an exaggeration)

This Pilgrim's Progress | Lorraine Yeung-8

Finally, Ambleside, my favourite place to let Talitha off-leash to mingle with all those single dogs out there.

This Pilgrim's Progress | Lorraine Yeung-9