Everyday Moments: April 2014 - Part I


Apparently, I was so trigger happy on my camera this month; I really couldn't squeeze everything that I wanted to share into one month.

Home Life

This guy -my roomy and cousin - is getting married in a month, which means I barely have one more month living with him. Crazy

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-1

Lots of mornings were spent with Chief and Talitha just romping around on my Saturday mornings.Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-2

I'm not a selfie girl - but post walk with camera in hand I couldn't resist the temptation to see what a self-portrait would work out through a mirror.

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-3

My youth ministry will be taking an indefinite break by the end of May, in the meantime, we're having lots of fun, this particular shot was from one of the random hack-job Photo Booth shoots we decided to do.

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-4

Talitha window lit. For some reason, I really needed to know what the focal length would look like with a 50mm f/1.8 compared to the 35mm f/1.4.Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-5

Truly Beautiful Skies

The skies were pretty dramatic early-mid April, days are getting longer, which means I actually get to visually enjoy some of the scenery, creation and sunrises and sunsets on my commute.Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-6

You can't really see it, but the town I live in is right in the flat lands of this valley.

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-7

And of course, Talitha enjoys the view too.Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-8

My First Breaking and Entering into a Chalk House

I love how creative and imaginative kids can be. I arrived home one evening over the Easter break and saw that the kids had built some chalk houses around our street. Here's Ocean the Vizsla walking over the kitchen stovetop - lucky he didn't burn his paws.

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-9

I weighed the situation and decided that it would be obtrusive of me to break in and take some photos of their home. Pictured below is their laundry room.

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-13

The kitchen island and dining room. I love their open space concept.

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-14

And two kitchens tops. They're clearly neighbours.

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-15

Afternoon Walks and Dog Romps

Talitha had a good evening romp around the yard.

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-10

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-11

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-12

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-16

Chalk was healthily scattered in the yard - perhaps they will grow.

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-17

Had a quick toy free lensing in the golden sunlight - just exploring what new treasures there are to be found.

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-18

Green is beginning to spring up from the ground.

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-19

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-20

And here's Ocean, having escaped from his home, and followed us to the park for a play. Naughty boy!

Everyday Moments April 2014| lorraineyeung-21