Everyday Moments: Double Exposures


As I was fooling around again last Saturday evening, the overcast night proved to be an excellent way of blowing out the background to experiment with some more double exposures. Double Exposures | Lorraine Yeung | This Pilgrim's Progress

As usual, Talitha, my now two-year-old Rottweiler, is my go-to model.

Double Exposures | Lorraine Yeung | This Pilgrim's Progress

But as you can see, I was also blessed to have Olivia subject herself to my awkward fumbling as I attempt to get the "perfect" profile-profile shot of her silhouette.

Double Exposures | Lorraine Yeung | This Pilgrim's Progress

Spring: blink, and it's gone

With the spring flowers in optimal bloom, it was a fun time to mix in and take advantage of the blossoms and colours. It's crazy how fast these flowers come and go in the spring, some of my favourite trees only keep their flowers for not much longer than a week or two. If you're not observant of the blooms, then it's so easy to miss them and be forced to wait another year to see and enjoy them again.

Double Exposures | Lorraine Yeung | This Pilgrim's Progress

Beauty points to something

Some of the more wonderful thoughts that fill my mind as I contemplate the temporariness of these flowers are how much detail, fragrance and beauty God endows these short-lived things; and how much more does He clothe us in far greater splendour in the beauty of His Son's righteousness.

And of course, we can't forget that the beauty in created things points to a beautiful Creator.

I recommend reading this recent article from DesiringGod.org Captured by God's Beauty, which expresses the weight and integral character and nature of God's beauty. In the article the writer commentates on a new book on God's beauty, citing from a forthcoming book by Dane Ortlund, Edwards on the Christian Life: Alive to the Beauty of God (Theologians on the Christian Life):

Beauty is what makes God God. [Writes Edwards,] “God is God, and distinguished from all other beings, and exalted above them, chiefly by his divine beauty.” Not sovereignty, not wrath, not grace, not omniscience, not eternity, but beauty is what more than anything else defines God’s very divinity. Edwards clearly believed in these other truths about God and saw all of them as upholding and displaying and connected to God’s beauty. Yet none of them expresses who God is in the way that beauty does. (24–25)

Double Exposures | Lorraine Yeung | This Pilgrim's Progress

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Do you have any thoughts on the beauty of God? Have you considered the weight of God's beauty before? What things in your life point to what true beauty is? Thoughts, comments, links - I'd love to know :)