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A Theft Struck Missions Trip in Mexico

It only took us under 3 hours over the Mexican border to fall victims to a major theft. All of the money was gone; stolen from us was the collective funds that the whole team of 30 persons had raised for the mission and materials for the building of a much-needed school in the San Quintin area in Mexico. As well, we suffered the loss of a passport, electronics, a number of backpacks along with some of my personal camera equipment.

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Reflections on Christmas: a day to celebrate all of God's promises

Normally Christmas can be a pretty painful and seemingly lonely time for me where my immediate family are on another continent, and where I have no nuclear family of my own. It's easy for me to try to compare myself with ideals of those with family and have huge gatherings of feasting, fun and gift giving; often causing me to question how loved or cherished I really am.

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