Arabian Desert Adventures - UAE


I'm sometimes surprised at how awestruck I become viewing unfamiliar horizons; landscapes with similar yet different floral and fauna, with familiar yet strange buildings that are all under the same sky. I adore experiencing the evidence of the Imago Dei through diverse cultures and their hospitality, and as I dip my toes into the Middle Eastern culture, I wonder how much of it transcends from the hospitality that Christ was familiar with while he walked the earth.

The Arabian resort I visited greeted you with a traditional platter of dried fruits, dates and Arabian coffee. I'm not much of a relax and rejuvenate kind of traveller, so shortly after these quick refreshments, I made a beeline to try something new.

A short hike over the sand dunes was almost as taxing as walking on fresh powder. The untouched golden mounds shaped by the easterly breeze rippled out as far as the human eye could see.

Sandboarding, 4x4 drives, sand buggies, were all on the cards, and I had to try it all!! Taking the land rovers out was super fun, and terrifying to the point of tears for some of the passengers.

The cross-cultural highlights that delighted me the most was the dinner, music and dancing in the desert night. By dusk, the air cooled and the night's sky was a deep blue expanse that sparkled. Low dining seating was offered with henna painting, shisha, decadent delights, dancing and music. Relaxing, smoking shisha and



Sandboarding - nothing like snowboarding, more like tobogganing on a snow day.



The thrill of soaring up, sweeping through and plummeting down golden sand dunes. We managed to get stuck over one of them - see the driver precariously attempt to dig the car out without getting squished. We eventually had to rig the car to tow it out.


Sunset Camel Ride

Sand Buggying

Needed more horsepower - fun nonetheless. ;)


Evening Delights