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Lifting up Jesus on your Wedding Day

I've never had an opportunity to be in a wedding party before, so when my cousin's bride to be asked me to be her bridesmaid, I was thrilled and a little anxious. What do bridesmaids do anyway?! Funnily for this wedding, the bride seemed to be chilled and organized enough that there were no major tasks at hand. Instead, she treated us to getting our nails, hair and make-up done.

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My Story (Part II) - Stone to Flesh: How Jesus Changed my Heart

I didn’t do anything and I was seeking nothing. Nothing changed in spite of the traumas I had been through. Even in my desperation I did not even attempt to seek him Something stirred in me, and it led me to seriously re-evaluate my future, my past, and my sense of morality. I began to question what was right and wrong again, and I was angry at the thought that I could be wrong. Memories or all I had learnt from Sunday School as a child, every law, seemed to waft in to my mind. I was very troubled at the idea of being wrong.

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