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Everyday Moments: May 2014 (Part I)

This post is overdue a few weeks, which makes it a throwback to May’s activities.

Spring kind of kicks off a little differently where I work and where I live. I have about an hour commute up north to go to work, which makes the Spring season about two to three weeks slower than where I live.

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-01

Plants and planting

For anyone who knows about my windowless office job, it was pretty neat to be able to do two or three days landscaping, which is when I found this little bee shuffling around on the sidewalk.

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-2

Seedlings were just about making their way through the skeletal remains of winter.

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-3

Furriness and hair

The past month we’ve had these little guys around our workplace, they’ve been in and out of the office and greeting our guests on the street.

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-4

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-5

And in approach to the wedding at the end of this month, my hair is in real need of some attention…

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-6

Spring flowers and Sauerkraut

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-7

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-8

I enjoyed paying closer to all the spring flowers and buds this year; it was pretty neat noticing all the flora on the trees that I would have otherwise never known bore flowers in spring.

Spring was also a very good time for me to get back on the homemade sauerkraut train. This time I made a giant jar and fermented it for about three weeks. So pretty! So colourful! Great with your morning eggs – just saying.

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-10

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-11

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-12

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-13

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-14

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-15

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-18

Spring Light

And finally, with the days stretching out longer, the light is magical in the late afternoons among the forest trees.

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-19

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-20

May 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-21

So that sums up my first half of May… Missing those spring flowers and colours? Me too

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  • Lacey Beth

    Wow your picture taking skills are awesome!!! And also, that sauerkraut looks delicious..You are just all around talented! :) Have a great weekend!!

    • Hahah, :) Thanks Lacey! and thank you, and thank you!
      I really enjoy exploring life through a lens! :D

  • Amy

    my goodness. your photography…is just incredible! the sauerkraut looks amazing, the fuzzy puppies, the sunlight, the planting…everything!

    • Aw thanks lady! It was definitely a wonderful month looking back :)
      Sauerkraut is hopefully way better in my mouth – yet to try. Have you made it before?

      • Amy

        i haven’t…but you make it look so beautiful!

  • Gorgeous photos. Love your up close and personal take on nature!

    • Thanks Natalye, there’s just so much of it that it’s hard not to pay attention. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you around again!

  • The title of your posts totally threw me! I love the photo of your little seedlings. I have some little seedlings that are coming along! Also, your photos are always so so beautiful!

    • hahaha, thanks Samantha – I guess my titles give you an insight in to how bizarre my mind processes things :D
      And thank you, loving life through a lens and always am encouraged when others can see any beauty in them :)

  • Dang. These pictures are GORGEOUS. Thanks for inspiring me, Lorraine. ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

    • Thank you Jenna! and thanks for stopping by! I’m super stoked you’re feeling inspired! :D haha

      ALSO had a peek at your blog. Beautiful pics of your kidlettes ;) loving your photographs too :)

  • I just love how you captured spring Lorainne! Every single shot is just fantastic! Also, I’ve never had sauerkraut before.

    • Aww thanks Chantel, as always, it means so much coming from you and your spectacular shots :)
      And… I think you should totally get on the raw Sauerkraut train – so great with your morning eggs and full of probiotics :) (Mind you, Sauerkraut is definitely a love hate thing ;) )

  • Lorainne, these photos are gorgeous!

    • Paige!! Thank you lady, appreciating all the comment love ;)