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Everyday Moments: March 2014

Lost things found and snowy walks

It was particularly enjoyable as I went to walk early this March, to find Talitha’s dog tag that was lost a couple of weeks before Christmas. A little rusted, but quite a joy for my overly sentimental heart.

March 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeungMarch 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-2

March 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-2

After the melt

Muddy and soggy walks ensued after.

March 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-8

March 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-9

Dramatic skies and new seasons

Spring is always incredible for dramatic skyscapes. The day time sun burns off the moisture in the forests and clouds lift off the mountains and dance with the sunlight.

March 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-10

March 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-11

With new seasons come new seasons for some friends as we see them off with bridal showers and bless them into the new chapters of their lives.

March 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-12

March 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-13

Linger of winter death and the comings of new life

Trails are still filled with old and dead leaves that have fallen last autumn; some still hang by a thread on the branches that long to discard them. Others become increasingly more and more skeletal with the fluctuations of rain and the increasing spring sun.

March 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-14March 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-16

March 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-17

Office life

Office life is infused with tea, and unfortunately a new addiction to coffee.

March 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-18

March 2014 | This Pilgrim's Progress | lorraineyeung-19

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  • Your month looks so beautiful! I’m totally jealous of all the trails that you seem to have around you! Where in BC are you?

    • Thank you lady,

      It is super beautiful here, as usual :)
      I’m in Squamish, which is somewhere between Vancouver and Whistler. I work in Whistler, so if you ever wanted to visit, now you know you have a contact ;)

      • Awesome! :) I’d LOVE to move to BC one day! My brother lives in Salmon Arm from Fall-Spring for Bible School and I’m always jealous when he goes off and gets to enjoy the nice mild winter and I’m stuck in freezing Saskatchewan. :)

        • Hahah, too funny, I have a friend whose family moved to work and serve at Brier Crest in Caronport. I can’t believe the how crazy cold it gets there – things like frost building up on the inside of doors, that kinda thing.
          You should totally move to BC and come on mission with us with church plant here in Squamish. Let me know when and I’ll find you a bed. haha ;D

          • Ha yeah, it gets cold! I have no idea what the future holds for us but if we move to BC I’ll let you know. :)

  • so much pretty!

    • There totally is! Sometimes wishing my office had windows that I might enjoy more of it :)

  • Wow! You take amazing photos!

  • Thank you so much Mrs K – I truly enjoy it :)

  • Those photos sure make everyday moments look amazing!

  • Jimmy Gregory

    I have to say: your blog’s design is impeccable. Also, thanks for sharing your experiences and testimony. Rather uplifting.

    • Thanks so much Jimmy, it’s been through a couple of “refreshes”. I really enjoy dabbling with design, photography and just magnifying HIStory in my life – so thank you, that’s very kind of you :)