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  • A Chinese Tea Ceremony

    It is a way that the groom can formally introduce all his family members, one by one, to his bride. As well, it is an opportunity for the bride to begin to address the groom’s family her own family in their new title; “grandfather”, “grandmother”, “aunt”, “uncle”, “father” and “mother”.

    / June 14, 2014
  • Robin's Nest | lorraineyeung-2

    A Robin’s Nest: Four Birds Pointing to God’s Glory

    It wasn’t until I moved to BC that I was in wonder over all the kinds of creatures that live here. Since being here, I’ve been caught in wonder as I am visited by deer, bears, and coyotes in my backyard, I get to walk amidst hummingbirds, snakes, interesting bugs, and my most recent acquaintance, these four baby robins.

    / June 10, 2014