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 I value and write about:

  • Intentional gospel-centred living
  • Committed life in and through the local church
  • Missional 9-5 work life
  • Personal Satisfaction in Christ
  • Enjoyment of our Creator through creation
  • Contentment in singleness (if that’s where you are right now :) )
  • Perseverance in trials and tribulation

This blog aims to make much of Jesus Christ

I believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ and aim to propagate the gospel by which I am saved.

I believe Jesus Christ is the word, was in the beginning with God, and is God. The world was made through Jesus Christ and for Him. He was incarnated into human history, was born of a virgin, and walked the earth fully man and fully God. Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life that He died on the cross and was buried in the tomb and rose again on the third day, defeating Satan, sin and death. After His resurrection, He walked the earth for 40 days before ascending back to heaven to our Heavenly Father and sent His Spirit to dwell in the hearts of His believers. Jesus will return again to judge.

This blog has a high view of Scripture

I believe in the final authority of the Holy Bible as the inspired and inerrant word of God; believe and trust in its efficacy, sufficiency and clarity. To the best of my ability, I weigh my words against Scripture and is open to loving reproof or correction where it has misrepresented the truth of God.

This blog recognises the importance of sound theology.

I desire to glorify and communicate the truth of the person and work of Jesus Christ. However, I recognise the weight of damage that can be accomplished by poor, false and deceptive theology and teaching. My writings are thoughts about truth but are not truths in themselves; Scripture alone is true. Therefore I encourage my readers to read any views, opinions and beliefs expressed in this blog discerningly and to weigh it against Scripture alone. I am open to loving reproof or correction where required.

I appreciate and trusts the teaching, work and ministry of The Gospel Coalition, and Desiring God

This blog loves the Bride of Christ

I love the universal church and the local church. I am under the spiritual authority, guiding and teaching of my local church. As well, I am a covenantal member of my local church and live in community with other believers and am accountable for my actions with my leaders, elders and mentors. I value the importance of living missionally through the work of the local church and would encourage all believers in Jesus Christ to be on mission with their local church.

retain the right to decline sponsorship or partnerships with individuals, businesses or organisations if I feel it would compromise the integrity or values of this blog.