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I want to live a life un-wasted; to be enthralled, enraptured, enchanted by my Lover who forever has my soul and will forever win my heart – Jesus, my Lord, my Savior, my Friend.

Writing helps me process concepts, my thoughts, struggles as I wrestle through life with the Gospel. As an internal processor, writing serves to focus my mind, solve problems, explain and understand things logically and thoroughly. Here I can test my thoughts and attitudes and, after the grappling with the truths, am better able to love, serve and bless others in a more coherent fashion.

As a single Christian their 30s, life did not turn out how I thought it would do in my youth. Single life comes with a plethora of challenges and blessings; it is arguably just as sanctifying as marriage. God placed church planting on my heart shortly after He saved me in my 20s and swiftly put me to work in a church plant two years later.

Today I juggle a full-time career with a mission, a ministry, one silly Rottweiler, a passion for Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, and smorgasbord of distracting pursuits, ambitions, and desires.

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Single Roots: ‘How Do You Respond to Pain?’

  • i noticed you started following me on blog lovin’, so i clicked on your blog and WHOA! i have only read one post, but i can’t wait to grab a cup of coffee and dive into the rest!

    • Thanks so much Amber! I’m totally glad I stumbled on your site too, totally enjoying your photography :)

  • hi Lorraine! nice to “meet” you! squamish sounds like a lovely place, and serving at the rock must be delightful! btw, british accent is one of the coolest! :)

    • Hi Gen!
      Thanks for touching base! (Glad you did – now I get to check out your site!! :) )
      Yes, Squamish is quite lovely! You should come visit. hahah

  • Hi Lorraine! Wow, you touched my heart about how you feel being a single but lonely “missionary” working for God. I know how you feel because years ago in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s I went on missions to Central America with my pastor to work with a missionary to the Deaf there. We planted 10 new Deaf ministries, hosted Deaf camps, etc. Truly blessed. Over 50 Deaf people saved during our tours there.

    I know how you feel because I was not married. The difference was that I served in a region where the ladies wanted to come to the United States thru marriage with me. I did not marry any of them because I saw red flags. It has to be tough for me because I had to tell the truth that I was not married. I prefer to be married and have my wife who would be joining with me on missions not just to protect me but serve together for God. I am Deaf but can talk well and read lips. I use American Sign Language as well.

    I feel for you. I know how you feel about being yourself to do God’s work. I was going to give you some verses but you already answered yourself what God showed you.

    You have desire to be wedded. That means God wants you to be married and serve with your husband doing His work around the world establishing new churches.

    Please feel free to contact me and we can talk about this if this makes you feel better. I apologize for lengthy comment here. :) God bless!

    • Thanks Mark, I appreciate your heart and can relate to your struggles for sure.
      Am learning contentment through seeking satisfaction in Christ. Also trusting and knowing that even with my desire to be wedded, it will be fulfilled at the wedding supper of the Lamb :)

      I truly appreciate you stopping by, thank you so much for sharing what God is doing in your life and how He has kept you standing strong in the faith with integrity to marrying for good and righteous reasons. Pray that He continues to bless you on His mission, and that your life will continue to make much of Him :)

  • Rebecca Lewis

    Hey Lorraine!! I absolutely LOVE the look of you blog. In one word: “striking”!

    I can’t wat to follow along your faith journey. I’m so interested in reading about what God is teaching fellow believers. I’m a new blogger writing about Jesus + my life with Him. I’d love to connect via blogs- as it’s written, “iron sharpens iron”.

    Find me at

    • Hi Rebecca!
      Thanks so much for stopping by and saying “Hi!” and all your encouraging words. :)
      So wonderful that you have a heart to share what He is doing in your life with everyone through blogging! Will totally stop by and check out your blog :D
      Hope to “see” you again soon! :)

  • New follower here…Just found our blog from Elah Tree…absolutely loving it so far! Looking forward to reading more :)

    • Oh yay! Isn’t Samantha from Elah Tree wonderful!
      Thank you again for stopping by Ellie and your encouraging words! Look forward to checking out your blog too :)

  • Patteh

    I’ve recently decided to take blogging more seriously lately (and by that, I mean being more intentional about my posts). Glad to have stumbled upon yours! I’m looking for blogging friends too! Your high regard for Scripture is a personal challenge and encouragement for me and my blogging. Looking forward to knowing you more!

    – Patricia,

    • Hey Patteh!
      That’s so awesome to hear your heart in wanting to be more intentional with your posts, it can definitely be challenging and counterproductive to growing your blog when your write what is God glorifying truth. The Gospel doesn’t always make friends and can easily make enemies. Looking forward to getting to know you more, and look forward to checking out your blog! :)
      Might swing by later tonight :D

      • Hey! I changed my Disqus name to Patricia, haha. Thanks for following me on bloglovin’! I’m curious…when did you start blogging? :)

  • :) haha, glad to! :)

    I think my first blog post on This Pilgrim’s Progress was from April 2010 and was where I began to document what I’ve been through and how God saved me. I made my blog to witness His work in my life :) – But I kept a blog before I was saved to document my Fine Art career :)

    How about you?

    • I was blogging on and off since 2009. My writing then was ridden with teenage angst and confusion, haha.

      I just moved back to Blogger from Tumblr a couple days ago! Did some research and I think that Blogger is the right platform me. I have your link posted on my current blog :) I’m in the process of creating my badges and hopefully I can swap with you when it’s available.

      Ooooh is that art blog still floating around the internet by any chance? :)